Episode 1 – The Murdaugh Case with Susan Williams

Our terrific trio is back, and they’re talking with returning guest Susan Williams. Susan is a criminal defense attorney out of the Charleston, SC area, where she focuses on criminal defense. You might have seen her on CourtTV where she frequently appears as a guest legal analyst, most recently discussing the R. Kelly trial, the Robert Durst trial, and of course the Murdaugh investigation.

Summer Bonus Episode: Attorney and Author Vernon Glenn

Amber and Joseph take a break from their summer breaks to talk with Vernon Glenn, a trial lawyer with more than 40 years of experience. But they’re talking with him today about a different role: author and publisher. Vernon is the owner of Cooper River Books, through which he has published three books, including his most recent book “You Have Your Way.” Find out how his legal career inspired his writing career.

Bonus Episode: Mental Health in the Criminal Justice System

We’re on summer break, but the SC4CJR Takeover begins! Allie Menegakis and Donna White of SC4CJR are joined by Lamar Suber with the South Carolina Department of Mental Health to discuss mental health in the criminal justice system.

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