Episode 9 – Pro Bono Palmetto Leader Pamela Robinson

This week, we have an illustrious guest AND an illustrious guest host! Allie Menegakis of SC4CJR joins Amber, Dayne and Joseph as they chat with Pamela Robinson. Ms. Robinson is the director of the University of South Carolina Law School Pro Bono Program. As part of her work with the Pro Bono Program, she developed an exciting new venture to help provide legal services to people in outlying and rural areas. You can follow the Pro Bono Program on Twitter at @USCLawProBono, and you can follow the Palmetto Leader Bus at @PalmettoLeader1.

You can follow our illustrious guest host, Allie, at @SC4CJR. Contact us at DirectExaminationPodcast@gmail.com HOSTS: – Dayne Phillips (@sccrimlawyer): sccriminallaws.com/ – Amber Fulmer (@redjudicata): https://jdooleylaw.com/attorney-amber-fulmer/ – Joseph Bias (@JosephPBias)

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