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Direct Examination: The South Carolina Lawyer Podcast is a podcast by lawyers about law and legal issues in South Carolina. Hosted by Joseph Bias, Dayne Phillips, and Amber Fulmer.

Nothing but illustrious guests. Every week. Ish.

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Amber and Joseph exchange silly *direct examination* (see what we did there?) questions, hilarity ensues.



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Our Team

Dayne Phillips- Co-Host


Dayne Phillips is an experienced criminal law attorney in Columbia, South Carolina. For more information on Dayne and his law firm, Price Benowitz, you can go to SCCriminalLaws.com. Dayne can be reached at Dayne@SCLawPod.com.

Amber Fulmer – Co-Host


Amber Fulmer is an experienced family law attorney for the Jewette Dooley law firm in Lexington, South Carolina. For more information about Amber and her firm, you can visit JDooleyLaw.com. Amber can be reached at Amber@SCLawPod.com.

Joseph Bias – Co-Host


Joseph Bias works as the General Counsel for a SC technical college. His experience is in civil litigation and government law. Joseph can be reached at Joseph@SCLawPod.com.

Brindy McNair – Producer


Brindy McNair is the producer of the program and the host of her own book club podcast: “That’s Lit!” Brindy can be reached at Brindy@SCLawPod.com.

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